a labor of love.

Is statueing more about practice and determination/care, or natural art and creativity?

if you have one or the other, you can be a decent statue. but if you have both, you can be a great statue. anyone can practice something and learn the skills required, but you’ll only get so far if you don’t have that certain spark, that artistic voice of your own. and if a person is naturally bursting with creativity, but does nothing to harness and refine it, it’s easy for them to unintentionally alienate their audience as they get too deep into their own little worlds.

performance art is not just about you. it’s about the relationship between you and the people observing and approaching you. what kind of relationship it is varies drastically depending on what your goals are. do you want to enchant and dazzle everyone who sees you? do you want to leave your audience confused and wondering what the hell you’re doing? do you want to provoke extreme emotions with a political statement? do you just want to appeal to the masses so you can make lots of money? these are things one needs to take into consideration. and in order to really sort out and execute your performance goals, i think it’s essential to have a natural sense of creativity and expression as well as technical skill and discipline.

I’ve always been curious about what you do. Especially how you train for this. Or are the performances themselves all the training you need?

i learn by doing. it’s all about trial and error and figuring things out as i go along. i have absolutely no formal training whatsoever. i’ve never even practiced in front of a mirror. i do, however, have thousands of photos taken during performances, as well as a fair number of videos, which help give me an idea of what i look like from the audience’s perspective.

there aren’t very many “how to be a living statue” classes out there. i’d like to change that, though. i’m trying to convince joe and eric to let me run some training sessions and discussions for ten31 performers. the suggestion has had some positive responses from everyone i’ve mentioned it to, so it looks like a realistic possibility. i’ve also thought about getting together with other veteran performers and having occasional workshops or something, outside of ten31, though i don’t know how many people would be interested in such a thing.

What would you have done if you weren´t a professional statue?

pretty much what i’m doing now, i’d just be putting more into it. i would have explored more options for working with horses as that’s my other big passion. equine massage therapy or chiropracty were, and kind of still are, under consideration. i also could have gone to college and drifted aimlessly for a while trying to figure out what i wanted to do. there are a lot of artistic things that i’m vaguely interested in that would make for decent careers, but i’ve never been drawn toward any of them strongly enough to seriously consider taking one of those paths.


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