rudeness & weirdness.

Have you ever kicked/hit sumbitches whilst statuing, or have you been tempted to?

kicked, no. that would be a difficult thing to do while wearing petticoats and long skirts. but i will slap or grab someone without hesitation if they abruptly invade my personal space. if they quickly move out of reach, i’ll flip them off. people see a street performer and think it’s an invitation to do dumb shit, and a girl’s gotta defend herself. every time i put myself out there in public, people try to poke, grab, push, grope, or tickle me. many living statues think it’s more important to hold their pose no matter what. i am definitely not one of those statues. i expect people to treat me with the same respect they would if i were just walking down the street in normal attire. if there is uninvited physical contact, i will most certainly slap those sumbitches.

What is the weirdest thing that has happened to you while statueing?

this is a really difficult question, as there are dozens of potential answers. if i had to choose one, i guess it’d have to be the first time i realized i have a knack for busking while bad things happen to other people. the first summer i started busking in downtown plymouth, i usually set up somewhere in the vicinity of the rock or the mayflower II, since those spots had the heaviest tourist traffic. on this particular saturday in july of 2005, i had set myself up on a large rectangular stone in an open area near the docks, hoping to catch people on their way to and from mayflower II. i was facing away from the street looking at the water. maybe an hour or so after i started, a police car pulls up on the gravel about twenty feet in front of me. i begin to worry, thinking they’re coming to bitch at me for solicitation or something. then another cruiser pulls up next to the first one. at this point i’m getting really nervous and my heart is pounding. do i look like a terrorist or something? a third cruiser appears. what the hell is going on?! logic sets in and i realize they can’t possibly be there for me. then i notice one of the officers taping off the area along the water, leading to the boat docks. people are talking, i’m catching little snippets of the conversations. blood. on the boat. what boat? i decide i have to know what’s going on and check it out. there was a small fishing boat that was docked near the mayflower, and there were blood splatters all over it. i still don’t know exactly what happened. i’m just relieved that i was not the reason the police were there.


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