“you do -what- for a living?”

How do people react when you first tell them of your profession?

i get a similarly wide variety of reactions when i tell people what i do as i would if they had actually seen me performing. most people are curious and want to know more details. some are downright fascinated by it. i get a lot of “oh! like that statue person i saw at [insert location]!” type comments. and some people just don’t get it. but that’s okay. i live to baffle people.

What’s the best moment you’ve had while statuing?

i have hundreds of best moments. any time a child is mesmerized by me, or absolutely terrified of me [i can’t help it, it’s funny every time]. i’ve been asked to hold a baby for a photo a couple of times and i just about died from the cute. i’ve been given gifts that couldn’t exactly fit in my tip jar, like large bouquets of flowers and paintings. i was once given a love note by boba fett on the bridgewater state college campus. an old waterfire acquaintence of mine, corvus, used to randomly perform with me, and i loved the spontaneous and improvised nature of those interactions. staring contests are always especially amusing.

every performance includes some sort of “best moment”. that’s why i love what i do.

What kind of thoughts pass through your mind while statuing for a long quiet time? Is it akin to meditation?

hardcore lulls during a performance are about as comparable to meditation as quiet time during one’s day to day life. waiting in line at a store, going for a walk, driving without a passenger or radio, doing household chores… the mind wanders in all sorts of directions while still paying attention [hopefully] to what’s going on around you. that’s the best way i can describe it. as long as there are people in the viscinity, i’m hyperaware of what’s going on, because i don’t want to miss a possible opportunity to interact with someone. but if it’s dead quiet and i’m at a gig, i kind of go into autopilot mode- still performing, but minimally, and paying less attention to my surroundings and more attention to my own thoughts.


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One response to ““you do -what- for a living?”

  • talanhawke

    I have to admit, when I first heard what you did, my initial thought was, “And… What exactly is so hard/the big deal about that?”
    Then, I got to thinking about it, and realized 1) it must be extremely difficult 2) it actually sounds pretty cool
    I hope the event went well, by the way.

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