busking for love letters.

Before you begin or when you finish your performance, do people approach to talk to you, and do you keep in a certain character while you do this? How do you interact with people while youre in costume?

lots of people come up to talk to me when i’m getting to/from my pitch, or down for a break. sometimes they just want to know why i’m in costume, sometimes they saw me performing and want to ask questions or compliment my act. i’ve never talked to people “in character”, i’m as friendly or snarky with these strangers as i would be under less unusual circumstances. i thank those who express admiration for what i do, i answer every question that is asked, i pose for photos and accept tips, i say “wtf?” to people who are douchenozzles. it’s more amusing being approached by someone who has no idea what the costume/makeup is for, and i have to explain that i perform as a living statue. the reactions are mixed, they have a lot more questions, and more often than not they’re confused by it all [i guess it’s really one of those things you have to see to understand]. what’s really fun is going into stores or restaurants before/after a busking session. that’s where people are more likely to stare than to approach me, and i’ll catch groups talking about me, asking eachother “did you see that girl?!” it always makes me laugh, in a “i’ve lost faith in the intelligence of humans” sort of way.

Do people often give you things other than money? (Notes, candy, their numbers, for example)

i’ve had all sorts of things dropped into my tip jar. love notes, poems, and phone numbers. business cards, usually from photographers. flowers, candy, plastic jewelery, toys. cigarettes and lighters. images printed from the internet, like comic strips. tokens for amusement parks and arcades. allen keys, lug nuts, screws. lots and lots of religious propoganda. notes with complaints about my act. trash, chewed gum, rocks, sticks. not everything i get is pleasant.


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3 responses to “busking for love letters.

  • Susan Joy De Lacey

    I feel sorry for you because the crowds you work in seem to have so many jerks, I don’t know how you put up with it all the time. I’m thinking to doing statue work myself but at least where I live people are so much more polite.

    • a silent soap box

      never ever count on people being polite. it doesn’t matter where you live/perform. living statues are easy targets, and there will always be someone who wants to find out exactly how much of an asshole they can be.

  • talanhawke

    Trash? Assholes… What kind of prick puts trash in a street performers jar? I didn’t even do that to the guy who thought he could play violin…

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