tired statue.

three performances in four days. i’ve finally recovered, so it’s time for a recap.

i really wish i’d gotten to providence an hour earlier than i did. by the time wyatt and i were walking to my pitch around 6:30, there was already quite a crowd. i had over a hundred dollars just in my first hour. crazy awesome. but enough about money, let’s go over some of the high and low points of the evening.

+ so many adorable children! this one girl in particular, who had come to see me a few times last summer. she likes to just stand and watch me for long periods of time. twice in the course of the evening, she came up onto the ledge with me and gave me the strongest and most loving hugs i think i have ever received. she just makes my heart melt. one little boy had an equally intense experience, but at the opposite end of the reaction spectrum. i noticed this tiny little toddler walking up to me, arms outstretched, ready to grab at my dress. i slowly turned and motioned down toward him. he looked up, made eye contact, and this look of horror washed over his face as he let out quite a shriek. the crowd burst into laughter as he ran back to his mother, his siblings laughing harder than everyone else.

– there’s always at least one obnoxious child in the crowd. one little boy came up behind me and poked me hard right in the knee, then scurried away laughing as i turned to give him a gesture of disapproval. he proceeded to make several more attempts to poke my leg, which i managed to thwart, but it was frustrating nonetheless. i hate being distracted for so long by a child whose mother is standing right there, watching her child be a jackass, and does nothing to stop said jackassery. oh, she finally said something when i moved quick enough to poke the little bugger square in the chest, but it was a very half-hearted “okay honey, stop that.” sometimes, i want to slap the parents more than i want to slap the children.

+ i think there’s been a significant increase in the number of people that come up to pose for photos with me, now that i actually move to pose with them in some mildly silly way. i also think people are amused when i continue to hold that pose even after the person walks away. or, if a person is “trapped” by my pose after the photo has been taken. if only i could find all these photos online!

– lots and lots of hovering going on. people crowding around my tip jar, staring at me, preventing anyone else from getting near me. at one point i had to wave at people to back up because even i couldn’t see my tip jar. it was pretty ridiculous. respect the statue’s personal space, damnit!

– all the usual lewd comments. y’know, like the ever-popular “i wonder what she’d do for twenty dollars? winkwinknudgenudge”. one guy, who was part of the group i had to wave at to back up, was particularly determined to get me to move. a rather long string of stupid comments came out of this boy’s mouth. example: “i usually prefer dark meat, but i’ll make an exception for you.” at one point he turned to his friends and said “i wonder if she’s ever been sexually harrassed?” yes, douchenozzle, i have been. in fact, that’s what’s happening right now. these fuckheads are lucky i’m not the overly sensitive type. there are plenty of cops at waterfire that admire my art. i’m a well protected street performer.

– my left knee had been bothering me all day, and i hurt my left shoulder somehow at my ten31 gig on friday. i tried to keep my weight on my right leg, which wasn’t much of a hassle, but finding poses that didn’t make my shoulder ache was difficult.

+ overall, though, it was a very lovely crowd and a lovely evening.


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