horses trump waterfire.

1. i have been on a serious video editing mission lately. today, i completed the second video from waterfire on the 8th, and will probably get two or three more out of all the footage i have. it’s a tedious process, but it’s worth the effort.

2. i think i might not be performing at waterfire this weekend. i’m farmsitting thursday through sunday while my bosses are at the coaching weekend in newport. normally this would not interfere with my busking time at all, but with the arrival of a new horse this week, and one of the polo ponies having a leg injury, i think there’s just too much for me to reasonably cram into a weird schedule. i might be able to do waterfire if i left earlier than i normally do. i don’t know, i’ll have to see how things go over the next couple of days and make a solid decision friday night.

3. expect a photo-post soon! i have a bunch of photos from recent waterfires with which to flood this blog and my website. i must say, though, that flickr and deviantart have been quite disappointing so far this year. and photobucket’s search feature is just a pain in the ass.


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One response to “horses trump waterfire.

  • talanhawke

    again, awesome post… I think you’re really the only reason I bother to check Livejournal more than every week or two. Loved the video, as well. One of these days I really want to see you perform.

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