down time.

i decided not to busk at waterfire last saturday, as my farmsitting duties would not have fit into my schedule if i did, and for once the horses took priority over performing. instead, wyatt and i went to enjoy waterfire and check out swing night at the sovereign plaza ballroom. i can’t believe i’ve been missing out on the ballroom all these years! the band was great. will definitely have to busk near the ballroom with my bellydancing statue next year. we also watched andrew [], and he made me an origami giraffe to add to our little collection. he gave me a white crane at a recent waterfire, and made an f15 for wyatt a couple years ago. one of these days i’ll have to attempt his dollar bill dollar sign so i can tip him in style.

since i didn’t busk, though, i am now in a financial slump. my next ten31 job is on september fifth, as well as the next waterfire. my barn work is also minimal right now. if the weather allows for it, i may try going back to the plymouth waterfront to busk this weekend. i think it’s time for me to take back my territory after having it snatched from me by a couple of enthusiastic but inconsiderate teenagers. i’m getting really tired of kids invading my busking turf.

in other news: i have new business cards, and will be working with friends to make my website all prettyful. it’s going to be amazing. hopefully it’ll help get me some freelance work in the future. going to the marshfield fair tomorrow and plan to ask which nigga in charge i need to talk to about possibly performing there next summer. also need to ask around to find someone with enough sewing skills to make a duplicate of the corset-esque top i wore throughout last year, as it has been beaten to death and is unwearable.


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