Monthly Archives: September 2009

much delayed recap.

two important lessons were learned. 1] i simply cannot use starblend by itself anymore. my skin will not hold it. 2] must acquire warmer gloves! oh, how my poor hands suffered after sunset.

things seemed a bit slow. not a ton of people, which meant not a lot of tips. even so, it was a fine night. i was given flowers by two people. one was a young boy, who offered me a red carnation so sweetly, he seemed completely smitten with me. the other was a white carnation, given to me by a woman who was part of a large family group that all took turns tipping me and getting their picture taken with me. flowers can be so much better than dollars. i was also visited, again, by some of my biggest fans. angel and kara tried, once again, to get me to respond to their greetings while i was frozen. the young girl who hugs me to death every waterfire [i think her name is kayla] spent some time with me as well, along with her parents.

overall, though, i think this waterfire was a bit of a dud for me. i’ve been so frustrated with makeup and costume stuff this year. i’m determined to make the next one [on october 10th] better. it’d be nice to end the season on a good note.


“It’s not about acting… it’s about being someone for people and making them feel happy.”

pulled double-duty on saturday. woke up early and stayed up late. long, exhausting, wonderful day.

with a gig at roger williams zoo earlier in the day, i originally intended to bring all my makeup and costume stuff with me, so i could go straight from the zoo to the ten31 studio and get ready for waterfire there. as i was ready to leave the zoo around 2:15, eric tells me that i won’t be able to get into the studio until after 3:30 because he has a gig to set up for first. i figure, in that case, i might as well just drive home and get ready there, and i’d still be on the same schedule. and it’s a damn good thing i decided to come home, because i had left a very crucial part of my costume here. crisis narrowly averted. wyatt was working, so i asked matt to fill in as my assistant for the evening. i’ve come to hate asking other people to be my busking assistants. i feel like, even if they’re happy to do it, it’s still a burden. carry all my shit, stand closeby, be ready to help me down for a break, generally stay glued to my side for 5+ hours. wyatt loves being my assistant, because he loves me, and he enjoys being part of the crowd and watching me perform.

anyway. some of the high and low points of the evening:

+ finally managed to get myself settled into my pitch before people started pouring in. had some “wind down” time before i got up for my first set, started off on a nice relaxed note.

– i was hot and sweaty and my makeup was melting. it never really cooled down as i’d hoped it would. too many layers involved in my costume.

+ quite a few people took my business cards. i’ve been emailed by a teenager[?] who is interested in doing performance art. i’ve gained a couple of new followers on youtube. received a job offer today. i’d really like to get back into freelance work, but mostly i just want to put myself out there and connect more with my audience. having new cards printed up was money well spent.

+ had an extremely inquisitive girl try, repeatedly, to ask me questions while i was performing. oddly eough, she wasn’t annoying at all. she kept her distance, spent a fair bit of time just quietly watching, i could tell she was just genuinely curious rather than trying to be a pest. i answered a few questions during a break, and gave her and her friend cards, and hopefully they’re reading this to further satisfy their curiousity. [hello angel and kara!]

– a small child snuck up behind me and poked me in the ass. and, of course, barely any disciplinary response from the parent. that shit is becoming one of my biggest busking pet peeves.

+ my biggest fan came to visit again. lifted her up onto my ledge when she tipped me and got another intense hug from her. she and her father came back later when i was down for a break, i got some more hugs, chatted with the two of them a bit. this girl is young enough to be absolutely enchanted with the statue, but she’s old enough to realize that i’m just a person. what impresses me is that the latter does not impact the former at all. before i got back up for my last set, i gave her one of my cards and told her to email me so i could send her a photo wyatt took last summer, taken while i was on a break, in which she is sitting in my lap. her father was surprised that i remembered her. this precious little girl is one of the most memorable people i have ever encountered in my years as a street performer.

+ i was also visited by the couple that met while watching me at waterfire about a month ago. they’re still together. they, too, were surprised that i remembered them. i told them to take a card and give me a call when they get engaged, because i’m totally going to perform at their wedding.

– a group of guys invaded my territory and quite shamelessly stole my crowd. they were in the middle of washington street, way up by the barriers at first, which was fine. i could hear them clapping and yelling, announcing something about juggling, but they were far enough away that it was just a mild annoyance. then they moved down and set up just a few yards away from me, clapping and yelling, dancing, generally causing a scene. as 90% of my crowd disappeared to see what all the ruckus was about, matt dumps my bag at my feet and abandons me to go dance with these assholes. i was forced to step down while people were in the process of having their picture taken with me. i lost a big chunk of valuable busking time. i hope that whole group gets hit by a bus.

+ at one point, this guy walked right up and poked my hand, and i had a total ninja-reflex moment and grabbed a couple of his fingers. i held onto him for a few minutes, hoping he would realize that maybe he shouldn’t have poked me. i don’t think he got that message. but i’m still pleased with my response. my reflexes are improving, i’m getting much better at grabbing people when they do something inappropriate.

+ my parents, little brother and his girlfriend came to see me perform. it’s always nice to see familiar faces in the crowd. it’s especially nice to know that, finally, my parents understand that this is very important to me and they’re interested in seeing it.

– i didn’t pay as much attention to my posture as i should have. my lower back was very sore and tender all though sunday and monday. ow.