much delayed recap.

two important lessons were learned. 1] i simply cannot use starblend by itself anymore. my skin will not hold it. 2] must acquire warmer gloves! oh, how my poor hands suffered after sunset.

things seemed a bit slow. not a ton of people, which meant not a lot of tips. even so, it was a fine night. i was given flowers by two people. one was a young boy, who offered me a red carnation so sweetly, he seemed completely smitten with me. the other was a white carnation, given to me by a woman who was part of a large family group that all took turns tipping me and getting their picture taken with me. flowers can be so much better than dollars. i was also visited, again, by some of my biggest fans. angel and kara tried, once again, to get me to respond to their greetings while i was frozen. the young girl who hugs me to death every waterfire [i think her name is kayla] spent some time with me as well, along with her parents.

overall, though, i think this waterfire was a bit of a dud for me. i’ve been so frustrated with makeup and costume stuff this year. i’m determined to make the next one [on october 10th] better. it’d be nice to end the season on a good note.


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