Monthly Archives: October 2009

oh, october.

freelance fail. a double freelance fail, actually.

first, i was supposed to perform at this festival in newport. i stressed about this gig for a few weeks, trying to iron out the details with the person who contacted me about it, trying to squeeze this event into my already hectic performance schedule. there were some major communication problems. some important messages were never received. which means important questions were never answered. i sent one last email early in the week, asking if we were still on for saturday, and got no response. i did, however, get a response to my “i haven’t heard from you so i can only assume you no longer want my services” message, and the response was surprise and disappointment. sigh. i don’t think the communication problem was on my end, i’ve never had issues with my email service before, but who knows. oh well. nothing i can do about it now. hopefully, if this person decides to try hiring me again in the future, they’ll listen to me when i request an in-person meeting to discuss all the necessary details of the event.

and then, waterfire. i had such high hopes for this waterfire. the last of the season. sponsored by the gloria gemma breast cancer resource foundation. a lot of people were going to be there. i was all set to end the season on a great note. the evening started off well enough. a waterfire organizer chased away one of those annoying vendors that sells all things feared by people with epilepsy. the waterfire folk have been very good to me this year, reaching out to me, offering assistance, even though i’m not on the program. i’ve been there long enough, i guess i’ve earned an honorary waterfire performer status. alas, alack, i was defeated by the wind. less than two hours after i arrived at my pitch. i was prepared for cold, but i was not prepared for the nonstop wind. i couldn’t stay up for more than fifteen minutes at a time. i came home with about $75 in my tip jar and a chill that sank in all the way to my bones. what a crappy way to end the season. i’ll have to make sure next year is spectacular.