Monthly Archives: May 2010

name that statue!

now that she’s got a new outfit, she needs a new name. something pretty, something easy to remember, something related to white. suggestions?

i have mixed feelings about the shoot on sunday. my makeup turned out to be quite poorly done below the jawline [gotta get a better lighting/mirror setup], and i’m never confident about how i come across in interviews [though this was definitely the most enjoyable interview experience i’ve ever had]. but we’ll just have to wait to see how it turns out. at least there were some completely adorable children around to make the trip to plymouth totally worthwhile.


coming out of hibernation.

my new costume is complete. it’s not 100% perfect, but it’s the snazziest costume i’ve ever had.

i’m going to busk in downtown plymouth this sunday, from about 12:00 to 3:00. first time i’ve statued since october. and i’m being filmed by a guy i met while producing for ten31 at the zeiterion theatre. he’s also coming to my apartment to get some shots of me getting into makeup and some interview stuff. i tend to be a bundle of nerves when speaking on camera, but hopefully i’ll be able to keep my shit together.

also, waterfire starts soon! here’s the schedule so far:

Friday, June 4th
Saturday, June 12th
Saturday, June 26th
Saturday, July 17th
Saturday, August 14th
Saturday, August 28th
Saturday, October 9th

hopefully more dates will be added. they’re struggling to get sponsors and donations this year. if you want to contribute, they have a paypal link [and an address for snail mail] on their website:

a letter to my audience

dear readers,

i totally dropped the ball on this blog a few months ago. i’m sorry. winter just sucks the life out of me. i also need to make some content edits, which is why all of the existing entries have gone private. this is temporary. as busking season approaches, my motivation is beginning to come out of hibernation, and i’m gonna start gettin’ shit done.

please stick with me. i need your love.