stress stress stress

my first waterfire of the year is friday. holy shit, dudes. as usual, i’m not nearly as prepared as i should be. i was hoping to get some busking time in plymouth over the long weekend, but i caught a cold on friday, and statuing with a runny nose does not make for fun times. so, physically, i’m kind of fucked from lack of practice. my costume is as complete as it needs to be, though i really need to get new gloves and boots as soon as i can afford to do so. the difference in color between those and the rest of the costume really irks me. i also want to get a whiter wig, though good ones are hard to find. ugh, so many little things to do. have to remove the studs from the belt. have to hem the pants. have to get inserts for the boots. have to finish painting the tip jar. have to touch up the base.

i’m also freaking out over the fact that i’ll probably have to do waterfire alone. just carrying all my stuff from the parkinglot to my pitch is going to suck balls. and not having someone by my side to step in if some douchebag crosses a line? no one one to take videos/photos for me? who will help me down off my base for a break when my knees are threatening to give out? sigh.

but enough about my anxieties. this blog needs a whole new set of content. what would you most like to see? more questions answered? tips on how to be a living statue? my philosophical thoughts? my biggest pet peeves? i’m taking all requests.


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