busking season has begun.

waterfire went exceptionally well. i originally intended to utilize my new base and set up on the steeple street bridge, where there’s a little plaza type spot with great lighting and lots of foot traffic. upon arrival, though, i discovered that waterfire has chosen that spot for their new merch tent. kind of annoying. so the base went back to the car and i set up in my usual pitch. they left the streetlights on so the lighting was much better than usual, and i hope they continue to leave those lights on during waterfire. it’d be nice to break out my darker metallic costumes and still be seen. anyway, on to the highlights.

+ my friend, matt, totally saved the day and came to be my assistant for the evening.

+ so many adorable children. several walked right up, fearlessly, and grabbed my outstretched hand when i knelt down to say hello.

+ i was not poked, grabbed, slapped, or groped at all. i also did not have any smartasses jumping up onto my ledge and trying to immitate me. that’s a first!

– i forgot the box of business cards that i usually put out next to my tip jar. oops. i always forget something for the first waterfire of the year.

– i heard passersby make “oh look, lady gaga’s here” type comments four times over the course of the evening. ugh. fuck you.

+ i saw some of my favorite regulars, and i did not see any of my annoying regulars.

+ when i decided to call it quits for the night, matt and i got some food from the indian stand and sat down for a quick meal before heading home. luckily, this guy who took a ton of photos while i was performing saw us and came over. we chatted for a while, i gave him one of my cards, he said he’d send me the photos. he also said one of the photos might end up decorating a skateboard. my life is a little strange sometimes. but it’s also kind of awesome.

+ my posture awareness has gotten so good, only my calves were sore the next day, and that’s just from my boots not being comfortable or supportive at all. i have ordered new boots, combat style, and they even have white soles!

+ everybody seemed to like my new costume. i heard one woman say it was very modern, but also retro. and, for the record, i think i’ve decided on a new name for the character. lily. everyone knows the term “lily white”, it’s a pretty flower name without sounding too old-lady-ish, and i can add the extra touch of attaching a lily to my tip jar.

+ i received three carnations [two white, one red], a demo, and one of andrew’s origami flowers [http://flappingbird.com/] with a phone number scribbled on it. dude couldn’t even give it to me himself, he had to have a friend put it in my tip jar. seriously? this is one situation in which you can’t be rejected, and you still don’t have the balls to speak for yourself. pitiful. but funny.

i did pretty well money-wise. most of it is going toward new tires for my car [which decided to get a flat right as i was about to leave for a ten31 gig in boston and sent me into a panic attack]. but, more importantly, the crowd was fantastic and i had a ton of fun. it was one of those perfect busking experiences that reminds me why i love doing this. next waterfire is this saturday. i can’t wait!

in other news, i’m working on some “how to” posts, since everyone wants to know how i do what i do, and i’ve also had quite a few people interested in becoming living statues ask me for advice over the years. if anyone has specific things they’d like to see in these “how to” posts, leave a comment here or email me!


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