returning to old territory.

on father’s day, i decided to take advantage of the holiday and the good weather [as brief as it was] and busk in plymouth. i used to busk on the waterfront frequently. i’d be out there every week throughout the summer, in the heart of all the tourist action, where the paved paths were roomy and there was plenty of comfortable shade. but, after a couple years, i started being asked to leave by the park rangers. huh? as it turns out, the waterfront area where the rock and mayflower II are is all state park. that means no solicitation. okay, that might’ve been nice to know, like, when i started busking right next to plymouth rock. i don’t know why it took so long for anyone to say anything to me. but, for the most part, the rangers were really nice about it and even tried to help me find a new pitch. the few options i had left either had very little foot traffic, or it was way too sunny to be out in the middle of the day when there was the most foot traffic. plymouth became a hassle, and i was working more and had less free time for busking anyway. my presence at the waterfront began to fade out.

then i learned that two teenagers had started statuing on the waterfront. they had seen me performing and decided to try doing it themselves. okay, cool, i like being inspirational and all that. but couldn’t you find your own place to do it? they were getting kicked out of the same places i’d been kicked out of. they tried busking inside the kingston mall, and got kicked out of there, too. good job, now you’ve made people think living statues are disrespectful morons. not to mention the fact that a lot of people think you and i are the same person, so you’re basically fucking up my reputation.

this summer, i’m taking back my turf, i’m restoring my repuation, and i’m showing people the difference between myself and the teenagers who try to follow in my footsteps. i’ve found a pitch on the waterfront that’s comfortable if i start after 3:00, earlier if it’s overcast. my first day went exceptionally well.

+ everybody seems to love my costume. and my new boots are totally comfy!

– i heard more “oh look! it’s lady gaga!” sigh. it’s going to be a looong season if this is the kind of shit i’m gonna start hearing every time i busk.

+ adorable children! one little girl in particular. oh my jesus, i loved her so much. wyatt captured most of the cuteness on video, and even though it’s a bit shaky, i have to put it on youtube. you will die from the cute, i swear.

+ the great thing about busking in plymouth is the polite audience. sometimes i forget that intoxication isn’t a regular part of every busking experience.

+ the funny thing about busking in plymouth is the scattered audience. sure, there’s usually a few families gathered right in front of me. but there are also people watching me from across the street. and from the top of the hill next to me. and from their cars, which starts to cause traffic jams. i love it.

– i was grabbed at once, by a young boy who seemed to be a bit lacking in the IQ department. i was thoroughly irritated that his mother allowed him to walk right up and reach for me. he didn’t even seem to notice when i grabbed his arm and held onto it very firmly. he just kept reaching. the family hung out for a while, and thankfully the mother didn’t let it happen again. but she shouldn’t have let it happen in the first place.

+ i’m a sucker for funny photo opps when i’m on break. this guy rode by while i was performing, came back while i was taking a break, and asked if i’d mind sitting on his motorcycle for a photo. of course!

saturday is waterfire. i also have ten31 gigs friday night and saturday afternoon, then i’m having a few friends over for a belated summer solstice party on sunday. monday, i will do some video editing and get new stuff up on youtube if i haven’t died of exhaustion.


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