mother nature, please be kind to the statue girl.

didn’t make it to waterfire. between being exhausted and slightly sleep deprived from my ten31 gigs, and seeing a chance of thunderstorms in the forecast throughout my usual busking hours, i decided not to risk getting caught in the rain and destroying my new costume. i missed two waterfires in a row because of the weather. one of these days i’ll have to buy a solid white umbrella. i was informed by mister anselmo, though, that there was a girl trying to be an angel statue or something, and doing a very poor job of it, in the area of my pitch. hopefully she doesn’t try to do the same thing when i’m busking. if she does, i’m not going to hesitate to flat out tell her leave. i’m tired of these damn kids trying to invade my waterfire space. the festival’s huge, and i’m pretty sure samara and i are the only statues there now aside from ten31’s installation. go find your own damn pitch.

i haven’t finished the videos from father’s day yet, but i’ve got tomorrow off so i’ll try to get them done and uploaded. i did do a bunch of work on my website, though, and it actually looks kind of decent now.

i’m going to try busking in plymouth this sunday. i’ve never been to the waterfront on the fourth, so i don’t know if i’ll be able to set up in any of the pitches i’m familiar with, and i don’t know how much trouble i’m going to have finding a place to park my car. there seems to be a significant gap between the parade in the morning and the concert/fireworks at night. nothing else is going on, according to the town website. hopefully that means i’ll be able to set up in my little circle across from the rock around 4:00 without any trouble. ideally, it also won’t be ninety degrees. gotta love new england. summer takes its sweet ass time getting here, but when it finally does show up, it’s serious business.


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3 responses to “mother nature, please be kind to the statue girl.

  • youthculture

    i wasn’t near your pitch — i was quite a bit further down once i arrived late and realized there wasn’t a single statue on the strip en route to a different spot i used a few years back — though the waterfire staff suggested i moved there, at one point. that’s when i left.
    however, you didn’t miss much; the weather was dubious all evening, as were the crowds.

    • asilentsoapbox

      i know exactly where you were, for the waterfire mentioned in this post, and this past weekend. you seriously need to find another pitch. it’s really not that difficult to maintain a fair distance between you, me, and ten31. the waterfire staff has already said something to you. i’m asking you now, nicely, to relocate and establish yourself in a different area. i’m not likely to be so nice about it in the future, and neither is the waterfire staff.

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