“that’s epic!”

mother nature was kind to me. perhaps she was making up for the waterfires i had to miss due to thunderstorms at the beginning of the season. it was delightfully warm on saturday. the beautiful weather helped set the tone for my last waterfire of the season, even though my first tipper tried to set a different tone…

– two women. one, who was obviously familiar with living statuary, says “wanna see what she does?” as she drops a dollar into my tip jar. blow a kiss, wave, settle into a new pose. “…oh. they usually do a lot more than that.” listen, lady. being still is the point of the act. the movements are the statue’s way of saying thanks for your donation. i’m not standing still for extended periods of time on this street corner for the purpose of doing some big dance routine when someone gives me a dollar.

+ i’ve taken some of andrew anselmo’s advice. my tip jar is elevated by a hat box, and i marked personal space boundaries with white ducktape. i can’t say if the former has had much of an effect, but the latter did, especially on my ledge. it was useful for me to have a clear “do not cross” line. i’m always concerned about people sitting next to me and grabbing my legs or whatever, but i’m also concerned about accidentally stomping on someone when i switch poses. with my space clearly marked, i only had to gently ask two people to scoot down, and once they saw the line they realized their mistake.

– well, it didn’t work completely. i had an immitator/mocker, as i usually have every waterfire, climb up on my left and strike a pose. i noticed people laughing, so i turned, and i made eye contact with her. she moved to mirror me. so i shoved her off my ledge. she came back to tip me later, which she probably thought would be an acceptable apology, but i wanted to kick her in the teeth.

+ i had quite a crew of unexpected visitors. my mother brought her friend dianne, who i had not seen in… six years? this woman was like a second mother to me. and for most of my post-sunset busking time, the two mothers sat on either side of me, keeping an eye out and discouraging inappropriate behaviour. i think it’s funny that my mother has no idea how much bullshit i deal with every time i busk, nor does she understand that i generally prefer to deal with it myself. anyway, my brother and his friend becky were there, and my friend matt stopped by on his way back to connecticut as well. it was pretty cool to see so many familiar faces. but it also reminded me that the only waterfire wyatt and my bff brian were able to attend this year was the one i did with ten31. sad.

+ this guy reached for my hand, which i flicked toward him. he jumped, had a “HOLY SHIT!” moment, and explained to his laughing friends that he was trying to find out if i was made of rubber or porcelain. teaching people not to touch things that don’t belong to them, one scare at a time.

– a middle-aged woman reached for my hand, and i grabbed her finger. i held onto it and stared at her as she spewed some bullshit about “yea, i know better, i know you’re real, can i have my finger back now?” if you knew better, why would you grab the performer? dumb twat.

+ i saw my #1 fan, who i have not seen since last year. if you’re ever in my waterfire crowd, and you notice a young blonde girl getting an unusual amount of attention from me, it’s because she’s ridiculously adorable. i kneel down to give her hugs and kiss her forehead. her smile melts my heart.

+ adorable animal moment: a little girl came up to me with a rat on her shoulder. love it! i tried to say hi and pet it, but the rat was not terribly interested in being friends with the statue. s’okay. i still love it anyway.

+ during my last break of the night, another little girl, who had tipped me earlier, silently walked up to me with a big smile and handed me a red carnation. i thanked her and kissed her forehead. she never said a word. she just smiled. aww!

+ when i got home and dumped the night’s earnings on my living room floor to count it out, i found a piece of paper. ” you are a good performer and i sense a strong, good heart inside you”.

and on that note, i will say thank you all for a lovely waterfire season, and i’m already counting down the days until spring. i definitely won’t be busking at the october 9th waterfire. but if you see a blue-haired girl with a bunch of scarves dangling from her waist, say hello!


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