time, heat, and breath.

How long are the intervals in which you perform? How long of a break do you take in between?

when busking, i perform for one to two hours at a time, for a total of three to six hours. breaks might be just long enough to get a drink, empty out the tip jar, and fix any makeup issues i’ve got goin’ on [<5 minutes], or longer if i end up chatting with admirers of my art [~15 minutes].

How often do you get to do it?

i try to busk once a week, starting in mid may and continuing through late september. the likelihood of actually busking that often mostly depends on three factors: my horsey work schedule, my ten31 schedule, and the weather. i rarely miss a waterfire, though.

How do you deal with the sweat and stuff in hot weather (NOT scratching and moving/messing up your makeup, etc)?

i try not to busk in 90+ weather, and i generally don’t start until 5:00 or later in the middle of summer. but, still, sometimes the best busking opportunities occur when it’s motherfucking hot outside. all i can do is try to stay in the shade, conserve energy with easy-to-hold poses, and accept the fact that sweating more under a costume that covers everything but my face is better than sweating less with large areas of skin exposed and covered in makeup. the latter results in lots of melting and rubbing makeup off with every movement.

the feeling of sweat rolling down my back is not exactly pleasant, but it’s certainly the least distracting of any discomforts i might experience.

Do you breathe normally when you perform or do you utilize a different pattern/technique?

i’m sure if i were into yoga or meditation, i’d have a super special breathing technique. but i’m not, so i don’t. once i settle into “the statue zone”, my mind and body relax, my heart rate slows, and my breathing becomes slow, shallow, and imperceptible to all but the most stubbornly critical of observers. no special tricks. just natural relaxation.


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