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no waterfire for lily tomorrow. the weather is going to be wet and miserable. hopefully i’ll be able to find something warm enough to enable me to busk on october 8th to make up for being rained out of two lightings this season.

[9/24 11:30am update: FUCK YOU, MOTHER NATURE. STOP TOYING WITH ME. i’m still not going to try busking tonight, because i know that if i do, i’ll get hit by some stray pocket of rain.]


“i’ve seen 26 mimes in my life, and you’re the best!”

i’m not a mime. regardless, thank you.

overall, waterfire was pretty meh. i put in three breakless hours before shivering off my ledge. under armour does NOT work so well when you’re stationary for long periods of time. need to find a non-bulky fleecey underlayer for the next waterfire. to make matters worse, attendance seemed to be very low. i remember scanning my area sometime around 8:00 and thinking it was much later than it could have possibly been, the crowds were so sparse, it seemed more like 10:00. aaand the music for most of the evening was very funeralish. such a downer.

+ the highlight of the evening was very early in my shift. i had a very hard time not giggling.

+ one of my favorite things ever is when i blow a kiss to a small child, and they blow a kiss back. especially when they were not encouraged to do so by the adults with them. it melts my heart.

– one of my least favorite things is people grabbing or poking me. i had more douchebags trying to touch me in those three hours than i’ve had the rest of the season total. at least i’ve honed in my ninja skills and can successfully slap a hand away before it touches me and i can’t even see said hand.

+ another bouquet of flowers from george, and a red carnation from a young lady. i also received a $2 bill other than the one andrew anselmo folded into an arrow for me.

– i also had, according to wyatt, four fake tippers. all adults. seriously, what the fuck? if you want the statue to blow you a kiss that fucking badly, surely you can find a penny or two to drop in the tip jar. fucking douchebags.

+ at least there was no trash or religious crap in my tip jar.

+ no one called me lady gaga the whole night! not that i or wyatt heard, anyway.

+ children do strange and silly things sometimes.

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sometimes, i make jewelery. i’ve [finally] decided to start selling some on etsy, along with some vintage items from my wardrobe. all proceeds from etsy sales are going toward two amazing new costumes/characters that i’m very excited about.

also, waterfire this saturday! thankfully the weather looks good for this weekend. irene went and fucked up the last waterfire for me. i’m determined to busk at the two remaining lightings in september. show the statue some extra love. she’s going to be very cold.