lily goes to plymouth

i’m trying not to fall behind on my blogging, but the wedding is rapidly approaching and is consuming my non-work time. i now have two excursions to write about – plymouth and waterfire. for the sake of doing things in order, today is a little recap on my return to plymouth. next week, i’ll do a waterfire recap.

it’s been about six years since the last time i busked in plymouth. i got too busy, and it didn’t feel financially worthy of cramming into my schedule. now my life is shifting again, and i’m revisiting options like the plymouth waterfront, busking/working at festivals besides waterfire, and working at private events. [on that note: if you are interested in booking me for a public or private event, for tips or for a flat rate fee, email me at to work out details.]

i was feeling pretty meh about everything that sunday, but i was determined to get out and do something, especially since i found out there was a festival happening on the waterfront so i’d have better luck with foot traffic. we arrived in plymouth around 4:30, which turned out to be too late in the day for my spot on the corner of main street and north street to be worthwhile, so i moved to my old spot on the waterfront. i was annoyed to find one of the lobster statues [there are several scattered around plymouth] was right smack in the middle of my little circle.


i came to accept my new crustacean friend, Sir-Loin, and appreciated his help in attracting passersby to my pitch. the thing about busking in plymouth on non-holidays is that it’s a total grind. the pace and the vibe is very different than waterfire, where everything is so easy and i’ve become so spoiled. even on a busy day, it can be hard to draw people in, especially since i can’t busk in the park directly along the water where most people are walking. i may need to adjust my performance style to draw more people in from a distance. i also remembered why i used to perform with a parasol – the sun can be brutal on a warm summer day, even when my pitch is mostly shaded. i ended up stepping down and going home after a couple hours because i was feeling nauseous from the heat.

on the bright side, i had some really enthusiastic admirers, and when i got home i discovered my hourly average is the same as it used to be. it was the little boost i needed to reinforce the idea that the waterfront [and downtown, if i get out there earlier] are still good opportunities for my free weekend days. i do need to get a new parasol/umbrella, and i should probably make myself a new base that’s easy to transport so i’m less limited to performing on existing surfaces.


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