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bigger and better things

this is the moment i’ve been looking forward to for weeks. some of you may have noticed some changes in my page names, from “a silent soap box” to “silent soapbox”. you may have also noticed some snazzy logos associated with these pages. now i get to tell you what’s going on.

i am SO COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED WITH EXCITEMENT to announce the beginning of my new living statuary and performance art company, Silent Soapbox. that’s right, my long-lived busking hobby is going pro. in addition to busking, you can now hire me to perform at public and private events, anywhere in the US and even internationally. and i’m bringing some friends along with me!

ashley and i have been working together since 2012. being an experienced actress, a stellar living statue, and generally business-savvy, she’s the perfect person for me to team up with in this new chapter of my life. ashley and i are performers, producers, and now co-owners. we will both be involved in every aspect of the company, but she will focus more on sales/marketing and general administrative stuff, while i focus more on costume creation, makeup technique, prop construction, etc. we have a few new characters in the works for the immediate future, as well as a long-term plan for what kinds of things we’d like to do with our collection of characters.

one of the first new characters we’re working on is male. we have two wonderful fellas working with us. patrick, ashley’s husband and a longtime coworker/friend of mine, is going to be our primary local guy. christian, another amazing actor and living statue performer we’ve worked with for a few years, will be a southern satellite of the company – located in georgia, he’ll be busking and available for hire in that area.

just as i’m teaming up with other performers to build this company, i’m also teaming up with them to expand our social media presence. i will continue with the same public blog i’ve maintained off and on over the years, filled with busking stories, observations and philosophical musings, little snippets of some behind-the-scenes stuff, etc. but now, if you want more, you can find it on our patreon. for small monthly contributions, you can get access to exclusive blog posts written by me, posts written by other company members, day-in-the-life vlogs, Q&A sessions on video, a lot more behind-the-scenes stuff, some samples of our swag… and, more importantly, the support from our patrons will allow us to do more work in the studio and expand our character collection.

getting to this point was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, but this is exactly where i needed to be. i can’t even fully express the gratitude i feel for my friends, colleagues, and fans, who are all joining forces to make this happen.

seriously, y’all. thank you.

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