talk to the statue

got a question about my art? want to know more about me beyond my art? drop a comment and i’ll be sure to answer. if i particularly like your question, it may show up in a blog post!

i also want to hear your impressions of my art. have you seen me perform? have you watched my youtube videos? tell me what you think!


20 responses to “talk to the statue

  • Travis

    I recently found you online by looking up street performers, you were among the first page of hits. How often do you change your characters and what inspirations do you seek for that?

  • Court Fisk

    Hi Lily,

    I am a freelance theatre writer for a monthly arts magazine in Providence. While researching ‘busking’ I came across your videos and vividly written blog. Would it be possible to arrange an interview with you? I’d like to do a fall/winter piece on your aesthetic, influences, and anything else you’d care to talk about.

    P.S. I believe we have a mutual friend in Corvus, the Bird man.

  • Heather

    I love watching your videos on YouTube. What I can see you play two different characters. I am amazed by you. I love a 3 year old and I know what I would love for his future to be but like most children they have their own desire to be something else. Lol. What would you tell your children if they wanted to follow in your foot steps with some of the things you have to deal with?

  • Mathew

    Hey! You are a great artist, i was impressed when i saw you on plymouth acting while i was on vacations. My daughter was enchanted when she saw you, not only her, but also me… Yep i also checked some of your vids on youtube and once again: you’re a great artist!

  • Erin Fisher

    I just found your videos on face book and was amazed. I liked on face book and subscribed with youtube.. And one day I would love to be able to run into one of you, even if I live in California..

    I wish you the best of luck! And hope you will continue your art for a long, long time.

  • Josh

    Saw you on Reddit and checked out most of your videos. You’re doing something I find oddly fascinating. I am a professional SEO and I would love to help you out for free. (Help you become a lot bigger using the internet!)

    I love the smiles you’re putting on peoples (especially the kids) faces!

    If you want to talk about the SEO/internet help, just email me back.

  • Michael LaCombe

    I came across your IAmA on reddit, went through pages on here, and watched the majority of your videos on youtube. You’re a really interesting person and I enjoy what you do. You’re actually one of the most unique Living Statue I’ve ‘encountered’. And I’m from New Orleans, so that’s saying something. Haha.

    • a silent soap box

      thanks, michael! it’s truly wonderful to be told that something about my performance stands out from other living statues. it reinforces my gut instincts and tells me i’ve chosen the right path in performance art.

  • Mallory

    Your art is beautiful. If I ever go up for Waterfire or another event like that where you’ll be performing, I will certainly drop by and bring you a flower.

    Thank you. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog.


  • John

    1st of all thank you for posting a couple of my pics on your site (with credit). I’m glad you enjoyed them.

    Brought my 9 year old granddaughter to Waterfire last Saturday night and of course swung by your spot to take some pics. She was intrigued by your character, but was not too sure of interacting with you when it came time to tip you. As we were about to leave, a couple came up to me and asked me if I’d take their picture with you, and after I agreed, proceeded to try to climb up next to you. Of course, they were summarily pushed off the ledge and invited to stand below you. Well, my grand daughter was taken aback at the force you showed to the couple. I explained to her how you need to maintain your own space, and only allow those invited into it. It was a great chance to have a great adult discussion with her. Later in the evening after we had visited Ten31, she put her camera down and spent a couple of minutes being a living statue.

    • a silent soap box

      the photos are a lovely addition to my facebook collection. do you have a website of some sort you’d like me to link to in the photo descriptions?

      i’m so glad you were able to have that experience with your granddaughter. i often wonder how the little ones in the audience perceive my ways of maintaining personal space. i’m usually rough about it. i have to be to get the message across. it’s a relief to know that at least one little girl understands why such actions are necessary and the statue isn’t just being mean! kudos to you for having a grownup discussion with her. i hope many more adults have similar conversations with the children in their care.

      also, awesomely adorable that she tried out living statuary herself! love it. the next generation…

  • Matthew Sorensen

    I appreciate your art. It is very unique.

    Matthew Sorensen

  • Natasha

    first of all,
    i wanted 2 tell you that you’re awesome!^.^!Don’t stop it cuz its amazing and intertaining and yeah keep doing what you do! 😀
    i have alot of question 4 you, cuz you really inspired me 2 start doing the same thing as you(im not trying 2 be nice or anything im honest and dead serious)but yes i am trying 2 be the niciest possible soo you will reply to this and because of all the stupid peope that arent when you perform…Karma you know… 😉
    Soo my questions:
    -what paint do you need,wich do you use and were can we purchase it?
    -how do you find your costumes and how do u paint everything in the same shade?Paint, ink or alot of shopping?!
    -how do u practice all those poses?Cuz, you have to practice right?
    -Do you take lessons or its a ”alone process”?
    i have more but i think its already alot and i think that those answer may help me get started soon =D

    • Natasha

      oh i forgot 2 say thanks again ^_^ v

    • a silent soap box

      thanks, natasha!

      answers to your makeup and costuming questions can be found in the “how to” posts already in my blog.

      living statuary is, for the most part, an “alone process”. no one taught me how to do it. i don’t know any living statues who learned the artform from someone else. i’ve never heard of anyone teaching the artform. it’s the sort of thing one just learns by doing. i learned and practice on the street. i have my other hobbies that keep me fit, like riding horses, and bellydance, and that helps a lot.

      some people recommend practicing at home, and though i don’t personally do that, i think it’s a good idea. instead of sitting on the couch while you watch a movie, utilize that opportunity to get on your feet and try holding some poses. mirrors [and honest friends] can help you figure out what looks good and what doesn’t.

      take the time to get comfortable with living statuary before subjecting yourself to substantial crowds.

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