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sometimes, i make jewelery. i’ve [finally] decided to start selling some on etsy, along with some vintage items from my wardrobe. all proceeds from etsy sales are going toward two amazing new costumes/characters that i’m very excited about.


also, waterfire this saturday! thankfully the weather looks good for this weekend. irene went and fucked up the last waterfire for me. i’m determined to busk at the two remaining lightings in september. show the statue some extra love. she’s going to be very cold.


waterfire tomorrow! with the rhode island philharmonic orchestra playing, it’s sure to be a big crazy awesome night.

also, i have two big costume projects i’m working on, but my budget is very tight. to more comfortably afford all the supplies i need, i’ll be selling a lot of clothes, shoes, and other wearables. starting with vintage stuff on etsy! http://www.etsy.com/shop/asilentsoapbox